About me

UX/UI Designer and manager. Based in Buenos Aires | Argentina
Graduated in Graphic Design and Communication. UNLP.

Formed as graphic designer, I’ve worked on digital products for more than 10 years. I find my passion exchanging concepts and practices between these two universes.

As a designer and visual communicator, I am passionate about user experience-based design. I work collaboratively, bringing my experience in high-level solutions, paying special attention to how consumers experience a product and how to meet their needs.

I complement my role as a product designer with other activities that I am equally passionate about, such as illustration, typography and lettering, often combining these different areas to achieve unique pieces.

In this way, a personal project was born where all this material was transformed into printed products available to everyone: By Puchu (www.bypuchu.com).

Juli was (and is) creative and meticulous designer, taking all the projects she assumed with positive personality, leaving her personal mark in every project that involves her. I will choose her to be onboard of any new adventures in Disney. She stands out year by year in being a person who cares for everyone doing the teamwork easy.

Some Awesome person.