About me

Visual Communication Designer graduated from the National University of La Plata, currently living in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Formed as graphic designer, I’ve worked on digital products for more than 10 years. I find my passion exchanging concepts and practices between these two universes.

As a designer and visual communicator, I am passionate about user experience-based design: UX/UI, usability strategies, design thinking, service design, visual design and visual communication. I work closely with other colleagues, bringing my experience in high-level solutions.

I complement my role as a product designer with other activities that I am equally passionate about, such as illustration, typography and lettering, often combining these different areas to achieve unique pieces.

In this way, a personal project was born where all this material was transformed into printed products available to everyone: By Puchu (www.bypuchu.com).

Juli was (and is) creative and meticulous designer, taking all the projects she assumed with positive personality, leaving her personal mark in every project that involves her. I will choose her to be onboard of any new adventures in Disney. She stands out year by year in being a person who cares for everyone doing the teamwork easy.

Some Awesome person.